(Q) Can I order directly from Christina Rossi?

Christina Rossi is a wholesaler; we only supply gowns to bridal shops. We do not sell directly to brides to be. Please browse Store Locator on our website for your nearest store.

(Q) How much is the average Christina Rossi gown?

Christina Rossi designs and supply gowns to our authorized Christina Rossi retailers, we don’t sell directly to the public. So we cannot provide an approximate retail price to brides. Christina Rossi supply gowns to bridal boutiques globally, pricing structures vary throughout the countries and areas in which our collections are sold. It is suggested that you should contact an authorized Christina Rossi retailer in your area for exact retail pricing.

(Q) Some internet sites claim they can ship directly from China that sells your designs. The prices are unbelievably cheap. Are they authorized store locator?

No. Many web sites have popped up with every designer’s picture. Basically, they steal major suppliers picture from other web sites and tries to entice you with their pricing. They claim they can copy the gown exactly for you from just looking at one picture that you also see from the supplier’s website. You will receive a poor quality copy gown, lose your money, Customs Duties and no return even you do not like your gown. Most of these sites do not list their contact address and phone on their website.

(Q) How long until I receive my gown after I have ordered from an Authorized retailer?

3 ~ 4 months unless we have it in stock. Fast service is possible sometimes at a small charge.

(Q) How can I receive a Christina Rossi Catalog?

Send us 3 / 5 / $5 for S/H along with your address. You will receive it in 2-4 weeks.

(Q) How to clean my beautiful wedding gown?

First of all, ALWAYS get your gown cleaned after wearing. If it is not cleaned in a reasonable amount of time after wearing a yellowing of the fabric may result from prolonged storage. ALWAYS take your bridal dress to a professional cleaner that specializes in bridal dresses.