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Design your own dream gown with pockets

Posted on March 18 2024

Bridal trends Wedding Dresses with Pockets may come and go, there is a delightful trend that has captured the hearts of new modern brides and will continue to for years to come: wedding dresses with pockets! Gone are the days when bridal gowns solely prioritized elegance over practicality.  

Pockets on a wedding dress can give your gown a relaxed vibe, making this style ideal for vineyard, garden, backyard, barn or even city hall weddings. That being said, of course, you can find more formal styles that feature pockets.

The benefits of choosing a wedding gown with pockets may seem few. Upon deeper reflection, it’s easy to see why brides can’t get enough of this trend!

You use them to carry your essentials— like a phone or lipstick for a quick touchup or a tissue for those tearjerking vows. They also provide opportunities for fun posing and, simply, a place to put your hands!

What is Invisible Pocket in a Wedding Dress?

If you want pockets but don’t love the idea of them being prominent, don’t fear! Invisible pockets give you the best of both worlds. They are cleverly designed pockets that are seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the gown, creating a discreet solution for brides.

Unlike traditional pockets that may disrupt the silhouette or add bulk, invisible pockets are carefully placed and concealed within the layers of the dress. This helps to maintain the gown’s aesthetic appeal.

Pockets are typically located on the sides of the skirt at a comfortable level for brides to place their hands. The pockets to be functional and comfortable, after all! If you ask the bride-to-be, pockets are a great idea anywhere and everywhere!

Pockets can add a casual, modern edge to a more classic and traditional gown, bringing your dress right up into the 21st century. Concealed pockets in a dress might not be obvious to your guests, but they could certainly instil you with the confidence you need to march boldly and beautifully down that aisle! As with everything on your wedding day it is entirely your choice so do whatever makes you comfortable.

However, wedding dresses are becoming increasingly more centred on the bride’s feelings of relaxation and comfort, our designers have discovered that the look doesn’t have to be compromised for a little bit of practicality and usefulness. It might be that, as a bride, you just feel more comfortable having somewhere to keep your hands for candid photos or as you stand conversing with your different guests.What our dreams are made of😍 Just girly things🤍 Design your own dream dress with pockets!

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