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Posted on March 02 2023



Brides-to-be, if you just got engaged, your first instinct might be to open Google and type "how to plan a wedding."

We don't blame you—planning your nuptials is certainly a big deal, and it's unlike any other party you're hosted before.

So, where to begin? 🤔

We've got you covered. Just remember to keep one very important thing in mind: Try to have some fun! This is your wedding, after all.

READ on and don't forget to SAVE this blog for your reference. ❤️


12 Months Before Your Wedding Date

  • First, do your research. How much does your dream venue cost? How about your ideal photographer? Invest your time into gathering the right information so you can have a realistic idea of how much you and your partner plan to spend.




10 Months Before Your Wedding Date

  • You pretty much need to decide on the right people and contributors who will help with your wedding day planning as soon as you get engaged because they book up almost a year in advance. Put a deposit down if you and your future husband have both agreed to hire them. Remember: Always look for reviews and client feedback before booking them in.



8 Months Before Your Wedding Date




6 Months Before Your Wedding Date

  • Only six months until you get to tie the knot? In a few short months, you’ll start the next chapter of your life.  How exciting! I bet you’re already dreaming of wedding bells and honeymoon excursions, but before you can enjoy the special day – you need to plan it. With so many details to keep track of, we’ve put together your 6-month wedding planning checklist to keep you on target in the pre-wedding process!



4 Months Before Your Wedding Date

  • At this point, you’ve asked your vendors to talk through these questions. Now it’s time to taste what they’re really made of. The tasting has become increasingly important as more and more couples choose to customize everything. If you’re nervous about heart-eyes obstructing your decision-making, bring your planner or consultant. They’ve likely attended dozens of wedding planning experience, and will be your clear-eyed troubleshooter—paying attention to the detailing of the event and the attentiveness of the service—is a MUST.



2 Months Before Your Wedding Date

  • You already did the hard part—the selection process. Now, just print and assembleSend Out Rehearsal-Dinner Invitations (These Can Be Included With the Wedding Invitations If You Like). Ensure that everything listed below is crossed out before going on to the next stage of your wedding planning.



1 Month or 6 Weeks Before Your Wedding Date

  • Make a list of questions beforehand, and take your planner or another close friend or family member to bring up anything you forget.


2 Weeks Before Your Wedding Date

  • Congratulations! You've made it all the way to the final week of wedding planning. Deep breaths now, most of the hard work is over at this point. Now all that is really left is the nitty-gritty details






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