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Romantic Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas in Sydney

Posted on February 15 2024

Christina Rossi Brides

A day to celebrate your love and all it embodies, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show the specialone in your life, how important they truly are. Spend Valentine’s Day with your special one enjoying a simple and significant act of love such as dinner or a movie.

But, if you’re prepared to take the next big step in your relationship, then why not consider one of the best extensions of love — a marriage proposal? Using the romantic Valentine’s Day proposal ideas, that give your partner a gift that will turn this popular day into one they’ll remember forever.

Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia and if you’re looking to tie the knot, it could be an excellent location for you to propose to your significant other.

Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous sunrise proposal, a quiet night-time harbour dinner or a beautiful rural location in nature, Sydney boasts a wide variety of romantic proposal locations for you and your partner.


Sydney Vantage Points

Christina Rossi Brides

When someone requests the most iconic locations to propose in Sydney, our minds go straight to locations with harbour views. Imagine this, you’re walking to your proposal location and a rose petal-covered carpet is leading you and your partner to light up letters saying, ‘MARRY ME’. Then you take a deep breath in, drop down on one knee and ask them THE question! After they say ‘YES’! Enjoy the Sydney Harbour Bridge or Sydney Opera House views in the background, during a romantic proposal photoshoot. A Sydney Observatory proposal ticks all the boxes for panoramic views of the harbour. There’s no surprise this makes our list of the Best Places to Propose in Sydney

Sydney Parks and Gardens

So, whether you’re looking for a secluded garden for privacy or an open public park where your family and friends can watch from afar, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to perfect outdoor proposal locations in Sydney. Sydney’s parks and gardens lend themselves to some truly romantic ideas; a romantic picnic during golden hour, a treasure hunt leading to a beautiful setting, a tree covered in fairy lights or a table for two under the stars!

Sydney Secluded Beaches

Take your partner’s hand for an afternoon stroll on the beach with the sun setting on the horizon. Then, head towards a setup of comfy cushions, cheeses and the finest wine, on a picnic rug covered in rose petals. Adding in the blissful sea breeze and the relaxing sound of crashing waves could be your partner’s proposal dream. And of course, nothing says Sydney like a gorgeous beach – one of our best places to propose in Sydney for sure!

Sydney Rotundas

So, if it’s an outdoor proposal location you’re after, Sydney offers a number of rotundas to accommodate. Sydney rotundas (or gazebos) are mostly undercover and are structured to provide a little privacy. One of the most popular spots to propose in Sydney is the rotunda at Observatory Hill Park. In terms of Sydney Observatory proposals, the rotunda is the perfect spot, with incredible views of the city. So, drape the rotunda in fairy lights to create a fairy tale, enchanted proposal idea fit for a princess!


Hotels are some of our favourite proposal locations, they are private and add a little bit of extra luxury to your proposal experience, plus you can follow on from your proposal with a romantic night’s stay! They can be decorated and adorned in flowers and petals for an ultra-romantic proposal experience, along with a pamper booking at the spa the following morning after your buffet breakfast. Below are some of the best hotels for a proposal in Sydney.

Pier One Sydney Harbour

We just can’t get enough of Pier One Sydney Harbour and it’s jaw dropping Sydney Harbour views. Now, this's exactly where you can plan your dream Sydney proposal with water views, next to Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge. Their Opera Bridge Balcony Suites are designed to capture the elegance and essence of Sydney. Their gorgeous balconies are structured for an epic proposal setting that provides breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour while accommodating the perfect combination of privacy and luxury for a stunning proposal setting!


1. Private Dining Rooms

Private dining rooms are high on our list when it comes to the best Sydney proposal ideas. Hire a private dining room with your very own waitstaff and degustation menu (don’t forget the wine pairing!) to create a romantic proposal experience. Just tell your partner you’re invited to a work event or friend’s birthday and imagine the look on their face when they walk past the restaurant doors, to find the proposal set up of their dreams, followed by a private dinner for two!

Private venues are a great option for an intimate proposal where it can just be you and your partner enjoying each other’s presence and celebrating the journey you are about to embark on together or go all out and invite your close family and friends to join you in your very own space. So, here are top picks for the best places to propose in Sydney:

2. Private Function Spaces

Finally, pop the question in a gorgeous function room surrounded by historic architecture and hanging crystal chandeliers. You could have a white carpet with petals scattered across the floor, leading you and your partner to your surprise proposal setting. Then, at the end of the white carpet, a “marry me?” sign hanging from a large floral heart will create a wow factor in a grand ballroom. Finally, don’t forget to design your setting around the venue’s design (complimenting colours, size etc.).


If you prefer something a little different, something that will have everyone talking about your unique proposal idea, then below we have suggested a few unique romantic ideas, for a Sydney proposal.

1. Sydney Aquarium Proposal

Firstly, Sea Life Sydney Aquarium has to be one of our TOP unique proposal locations in Sydney. A proposal under the sea!? We say YES! Imagine starting your night off with a behind-the-scenes tour of the aquarium then making your way to a private area booked, just for you. As you turn the corner, you find a red carpet leading to a private dinner setting for two surrounded by flowers, candlelight and exotic sea life – it’s your very own underwater wonderland!

2. Secluded Sydney Island Proposal

So, you want all the bells and whistles? Well, you’re going on a romantic adventure. You get picked up by a luxury yacht or even a limousine style water taxi, for a scenic trip to one of Sydney’s secluded islands. When you arrive, you disembark to make your way around the island. On your walk, you stumble across a stunning proposal setting, where you propose and pop open a bottle of champagne to celebrate in the serenity of the island. Also, Depending on which island you choose, you may even find that you’re the only ones there. This is a proposal idea that will be the talk of the town, and is for sure one of the best places to propose in Sydney!

3. Private Yacht Proposal

A private yacht proposal is an epic Sydney proposal experience and you will both be bragging about for years to come! So, set sail on the front deck with a platter of oysters, wind in your hair and your partner’s favourite glass of champagne in hand. When the moment is right, drop down on one knee and pop the question! After you get a YES! Enjoy the sea breeze with forever to go.

4. Helicopter Proposal

Finally, one of our favourites. So, you’re wanting to arrive in style? Then, arranging for helicopter transfers to get you to various places outside of Sydney is quite the unique proposal idea. You can fly just out of Sydney to locations like the Hunter Valley or Central Coast and directly in front of the doors of various wineries, restaurants, or beaches. This is definitely one way to really impress your new fiancé!

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Now that you’ve got a pretty good idea of where you want your magical Sydney proposal location to be, it’s time to reach out to one of our expert designer to help make your dream proposal come true!!