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Should You Have A First Look?

Posted on June 14 2023

Should You Have A First Look?

First looks are becoming more and more popular at weddings. Traditionally, you won’t see each other until the moment you walk down the aisle, which is a beautiful moment and one that is important to a lot of couples!

However, a private first look can be just as special, if not more. If you’re trying to figure out which way to go, here are the top 4 reasons to consider whether or not you'll have a first look.


 Bride Yulien with husband Bendy


1. There's a more private moment for your intimate emotions before you walk down the aisle.


Bride Chiara with husband Daniel


If you’re nervous about crying in front of people or if you want to truly enjoy the moment, a first look might be a good option! With a first look, you’ll be mostly alone the first time you see each other. You don’t have to worry about being an “ugly crier” or messing up your makeup. You can fully be yourself!


2. More time together and portraits on your wedding day.


Bride Ash with husband Trent


When you choose a first look, you get to see each other early on in your wedding day. That means you get to spend the majority of your day together. Not only that - but with a first look, you get to spend your first 45-60 minutes together without a bunch of people around.

You can the majority of the bridal party + bride & groom portraits before the ceremony even begins! Photographers need a minimum of one hour to accomplish these, so by doing a first look, eliminate that one hour of waiting time for your guests between the ceremony and reception. Plus, think about it… Your hair and makeup are also fresh and super camera ready!!


3. You'll feel more relaxed to talk and react with each other.


Bride Rachel with husband Bradley


Couples who choose a first look ultimately get more time for portraits. You’re not rushing through things to get to your reception or your guests. You can truly enjoy your wedding day because you’re not worried about being on time for the next thing.


When your groom sees you for the first time when you walk down the aisle, he can’t hug you or tell you how beautiful you look. He has to wait 30 minutes before he has the chance to do so, and by then, the initial first reaction has worn off! Most guys rarely show all their emotions in front of every guest at your wedding. It let’s them show their surprise freely! During a first look, I always try my best to find the most secluded and private spot for you two to share this special moment. And sometimes, this part of the day will be your only time alone together all day!


4. Couples can spend more time with guests.



Have you ever been to a wedding where the ceremony ends, you head to the reception, and then it feels like forever before the couple arrives? That’s because they had to go take all their portraits between the ceremony and reception.


One of the main reasons you have a wedding is to spend time and celebrate with your family and closest friends. So, why not maximize the time you have to mingle with each and every guest? By focusing on couple portraits earlier in the day after the first look is over, it allows you to have more time after the ceremony with guests. 



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