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Summer Wedding Tips That You Need To Know

Posted on April 19 2023

Summer Wedding Tips That You Need To Know

The cool evening breeze. The monsoon season’s first day. Sunsets. It is easy to see why anyone would choose to marry in. You will need to prepare for the heat on your wedding day if you plan to brave the heat. This heat can be anywhere from May to September.

Here are some tips for making your summer wedding the one you have always wanted!


1. Brunch weddings are the most adorable thing ever! They remind me of 50-year-old weddings when couples would marry in a chapel or courthouse. Then they would return to their parent’s house for cake and punch. These romantic weddings are great for morning people. You can get married at your preferred time of the day! A brunch wedding will have two options: a shorter cocktail hour or an early start to ensure that your photographer captures the day perfectly. The weather will be perfect!


2. Sunset weddings are a more traditional time for a wedding. If you’re planning a wedding in the monsoon season, you can imagine the beautiful sky as your backdrop. Sunset time is typically between 7 and 8 in July and 6 and 7 in September. You will schedule your sunset ceremony approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours before the sunset. This will allow for beautiful sunset lighting and enough time to take family portraits. A First Look is a great idea, even though it may be in the hottest hour of the day. More information on this is below.

The ceremony will begin 30-60 minutes before guests arrive. You can provide shaded or indoor space for guests to wait while they wait. While they wait, you can provide water and other refreshments. You can also announce the ceremony 5-10 minutes before the ceremony so that everyone has a chance to take their place.

You can think of ways to keep your guests cool that are compatible with your wedding. You could provide a cooler with ice-cold water bottles or a fan program they can use during the ceremony. Fun umbrellas in your wedding colors that can be used during the ceremony. These handheld mister fans might be a good choice if you’re having a relaxed wedding.


You will be grateful that you added cushion time to your photos later. Seriously. Hot wedding dresses and suits! Even if your wedding dress is short, or you wear a suit with a long skirt, and you are wearing a shirt and pants instead of a full-length dress, you will still be very hot. Although your photographer will do their best to keep you shaded as much as possible during the ceremony, it is worth taking 5 minutes to cool off in some air conditioning. No one wants to appear red-faced and sweaty for their wedding photos.

You may also need to add extra makeup to your portraits. Your makeup artist can give you the best advice on keeping your skin looking beautiful despite the inevitable sweat. You may be able to use blotting paper or a touch-up just before the ceremony. This is not something I am skilled in, so talk to your makeup artist. A simple handkerchief is a good option for guys.


These are the top tips for taking advantage of Australia's summer magic to help you plan your wedding. Are you getting married in the summer?