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Custom Made Christina Rossi Bridal Wedding Gowns For Real Brides You Will Fall In Love With…

Posted on February 27 2023

Christina Rossi wedding dresses
Seek inspiration with Christina Rossi ideal wedding gowns - we can help you bring your version to life. Your once in a lifetime event deserves an unforgettable wedding gown.

Are you a bride looking for a wedding dressmaker in Sydney? Or a bridal shop in Melbourne that can make a custom made wedding gown for you?

You need one that is not like any other wedding gown in Sydney. Whether it's the color, style or fabric of choice - we can help make it happen for you. We are custom made wedding dress stylists and our designers are here to create an amazing gown that is tailored specifically just as you envision.

Don't just imagine it - get in touch with our team to start the process.

Do you want a gorgeous custom style wedding gown?

Here are some reasons why you should go for a custom wedding dress rather than settling for something that's not made for you.


Made only for you – Exactly like you dreamt of...

Christina Rossi Australia has been making custom bridal gowns for years and we can assist you to finalize your wedding attire, giving you a variety of bridal designs that may be tailored to your specifications in terms of silhouette, style, fabric, color, and size and comfort.

Beautiful Bride Jeyla

Bring Your Own Design Or Customize. Our professional designers are here to help make you the most memorable bride. Our exclusive collection has something for every personality and style with the option to customize that suits you perfectly.

Explore options, don’t just select from what’s available

Christina Rossi Australia

From the selection of fabric to choice of colors, from details of craftsmanship to choice of embellishments, our designers let you decide it all. We understand that when it comes to finding the perfect style of wedding gown there is no “one-size” fits all solution.

We know how...

Christina Rossi Australia

The added advantage of our designers expertise, knowledge, and art we know how to transform plain fabric into a stunning gown using sheer aesthetics or art. Our designers are always looking for the latest trends, classic styles, and fashion needs of the day. Our experienced designers know how to create a bridal gown with style that should be tailored to your form, complexion, and other characteristics that appears to be custom-made for you.

That's why we offer consultation services where our experts will help you find a design in your desired color/fabric combo which compliments both personality and figure type best.

To get a quote on your custom made wedding gown book an appointment with us!