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Expert Tips To Customise Your Dress

Posted on May 19 2022

Expert Tips To Customise Your Dress

When trying to find the perfect wedding dress, some brides get lucky and find their DREAM DRESS right off the bat. The very first dress they step into winds up being the one they walk out with. However, this doesn't apply to all brides. Did you try on numerous wedding dresses at bridal stores but CAN’T FIND the dream one that combines all your favorites including neckline, silhouette, overskirt, your choice of laces & beading? We advise you to go for customizing your dress

We are sharing expert tips to customize your wedding dress.


Get Inspirations.
Be yourself and think about what inspires you, you might have a favorite designer or style. You might be inspired by an advert or photographs you come across. Whether you're after a big, OTT princess-style gown or a more low-key modern style - save those photos because you'll gonna need them for your designer's reference.

Change Neckline.
The neckline of your gown has a huge impact on what statement necklace and bra you will wear. This is an important detail to consider on your wedding dress, and in some cases, the dress alone is enough! 


Add/Remove/Change Sleeves.
There are so many ways to wear sleeves. From cap sleeves to full sleeves, there are endless ways to customize your wedding dress. Or even no sleeves, the choice is yours. Don’t forget the back of your dress too, by having your hair up, it'll show off the full detail of the pretty lace or satin in your dress.



Detachable Overskirt and Extend Train Length
The length and style of a wedding dress train is also a key factor in choosing your gown. Do you want a longer train such as a royal or something simple like a sweep? Also, you need to think if you want a detachable train or one that needs to be bustled after the ceremony. Your dress train has 5 different lengths - brush or sweep, chapel, cathedral, and royal

 Custom Removable Wedding Train | Etsy | Wedding dress types, Wedding dress  train lengths, Wedding dress silhouette guide


Dress Silhouettes and Overskirts
It’s important you do some research and have a vision in mind before you embark on your wedding dress hunt. You need to decide on your details including a silhouette that will best flatter your figure and match your style. "It’s not just your body type that should dictate your decision, it is all about being confident and happy. The important thing is that your gown makes you feel good!", says Krésha Bajaj.


Choice of Wedding Dress Fabrics and Materials
When shopping for wedding dresses, how do you pick? Well, before you jump into making any decisions, it's important to familiarize yourself and get the facts on popular wedding dress fabrics. The type of fabric can affect your wedding dress silhouette, how formal the dress is (or isn't), and its costs, so it’s helpful to have a general understanding of your options before making an appointment at a bridal shop. These fabrics are lace, tulle, crepe, silk, mikado, satin, organza, and chiffon







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