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How To: Plan Your Wedding During COVID-19

Posted on February 16 2021

How To: Plan Your Wedding During COVID-19

A lot of couples are facing the COVID wedding pain, many downsized or rescheduled, sometimes for months or a year later. 

When this pandemic started nobody thought we’d still be working from home and wearing masks a year later. 

Christina Rossi Covid 19 Love story 

But a virus can’t postpone love though it’s tricky to figure out the right move. 

Do you elope? Do you host a small gathering? Do you wait for everyone to be vaccinated? Is it responsible to take a honeymoon?

Planning your wedding during Covid 19

Couples are now facing options that are far different from their ideal plan. Vendors, such as venues, caterers, and florists, have evolved their practices, too. Nowadays most contracts are including cancellations and rescheduling options, and sometimes it’s COVID specific.


Here are some tips to help you plan your wedding during these unprecedented times:

New normal for wedding planning


Read the contracts & check all the details.

This sounds like normal advice, but it is especially important while planning a wedding during this pandemic. You better know the cancellation and rescheduling policy of every vendor is, when you have to make the decision, and whether your deposit will transfer over to the new date. 

Ask if there are any limitations when you reschedule; some vendors let you reschedule only if it’s within a year.

The biggest reasons we signed a contract with our venue was its flexibility with what a rescheduled event could look like because having flexible options allows us to do what feels right at the moment.


Minimize the number of vendors you will work with. 

Get a vendor that offers more than one services, for example, look for a service that did both hair and makeup. So, in case you needed to reschedule everything this will limit the number of calls you have to make and schedules you have to coordinate.


Understand & be ready for a new way of communicating with vendors.

We are open and ready to serve 

Many wedding vendors have been hit hard by the pandemic and maybe limit their working hours. It’s best to ask what response times you can expect so you limit frustration down the line.

Be ready to put that Zoom experience to work. Most of the vendors is taking less in-person meetings right now. and you will be guided by them virtually. It might not be ideal, because you wanted to see the details up close and in person but it will all be fine.


Be ready for a backup plan. There have been a variety of COVID-friendly wedding iterations, like considering a small ceremony on the original date, then celebrate with a larger party on your first anniversary.

Be ready for a backup plan

A small wedding can be fun, and more intimate to look at the brighter side instead of only seeing it as a disappointment.






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