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4 Tips for A BETTER Bridal Shopping Experience

Posted on March 02 2023

4 Tips for A BETTER Bridal Shopping Experience

You’ve said yes to your fiancé, now it’s time for the second most important ‘yes’ you’re going to make – saying ‘yes’ to your dress!


In order to make sure you’re prepared to successfully experience bridal gown bliss, make sure you bring these 5 things to your bridal gown appointments and get ready to enjoy! 




  • This is definitely the most important one. Dress shopping can be overwhelming, and if you can’t see something you like on the rails instantly, the feeling of disappointment can be tricky to shake off. If you do your research this will most certainly not be the case for you!




  • The perfect number of guests is one or two. The people who know your style and are on board with the feel you are trying to create for the day, and these people are usually always family. Another wonderful thing to come from the more intimate appointments is that the dress remains a secret until the day itself.


3 - BE YOU.

  • When shopping for your dress, you need to remember how it makes you feel.  Remember how when you see yourself in the mirror for the first time, and your heart beats just a tiny bit faster, your stomach gives a little jolt, and even though you don’t realise it - you are smiling from ear to ear.  That is the moment!  As subtle as it sounds, this is the moment you have fallen in love and this is now the dress that you will compare all the others against. 

    Another matter to stay true to, is your budget.  Every bride that has ever lived has had a budget to work towards. 




  • It may seem an obvious one but your stylist is there to find you the perfect dress.  This is why you have chosen a Bridal Boutique and not merely a Wedding Dress shop. Use her knowledge and expertise to create something magical for your special day.  One of her hidden talents is to know exactly what you need, even though it might not be what you think you want, so keep an open mind because it might be that your dress doesn’t exist until you create it.


If you attend your bridal appointments with these FOUR critical elements – you’ll almost guarantee a successful experience and a gorgeous gown for your big day!

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